December 2013

Cleaning tips for the inevitable holiday stains & red wine spills…

Let’s face it, it’s inevitable that the family & friends will leave you after Christmas with the infamous red wine spills on your best white table cloth, wax drips on the carpets and the kids will have brought in mud from the garden onto your white rugs.

Our most important cleaning tip over the holiday season, is, don’t leave it and act fast!

How to clean up a variety of different holiday-related stains…

Cleaning red wine stainsFor red wine, we have all heard it a million times – pour salt onto the stain immediately. The reason why it works, is because the salt absorbs the liquid and the stain and literally “sucks it off the table cloth” and into the salt pile.

What is most important though about the salt trick is:

1) Do it immediately whilst it is still wet. If there is a delay, pour a little cold water onto the stain first, to dampen it again and then add the salt.

2) Add more salt that you think; the more the better. The idea behind it, is that the salt absorbs the liquid off the table cloth. The liquid needs to go somewhere so if there is not enough salt, it wont work properly. Then rinse under cold water and place on a hot wash (as hot as the fabric can take) using an enzyme detergent.

For candle-wax that is spilled on upholstery or onto carpets, a very useful cleaning tip is to place a piece of kitchen 
(paper) towel over the hardened wax. Then simply iron over the waxy area through the paper on a medium heat and you will find that the wax simply lifts off.
Cleaning Tips - Lifting wax off carpets

1) Do not iron directly onto the wax

2) Some more textured carpets and upholstery will require you to press quite hard into the carpet fibres to allow the heat of the iron to melt the wax which is then absorbed into the paper. Some areas may need repeat attention so use a fresh section of paper towel each time where wax hasn’t yet been absorbed. You may find some grease left after the actual wax has been removed depending on the candle type and this may then require further special treatment that we can help you with.

There are many different ways of cleaning drink stains off carpets and fabric but once again, key is that the quicker it is done, the better.

First blot up the excess liquid off the carpet with water and then mix a small amount of mild (preferably clear) detergent with some warm water together to blot the stain with. A good idea is also to dab the stain with 3 % strength hydrogen peroxide if you have it. For coca cola stains, try to add a white vinegar and water (1/3rd : 2/3rds mix).

Cleaning Tips - Removing moisture rings off furnitureThe common problem of moisture rings left on furniture tops by those who don’t use the coasters provided can be tackled by moving an iron over the stain through a thick towel. The warmth of the iron should simply release the moisture from the rings into the towel. 

1) Don’t let the iron touch the furniture

2) Polish the wood afterwards as usual


Cleaning Tips - Christmas Tree sap on carpetsAnother common problem is Christmas tree sap stains on the carpets. Try to avoid this by placing the Christmas tree base onto a large covered plastic tray or board to collect it before it spills. If it’s too late for that, dip a clean cloth into boiling water and repeatedly blot the stain. The sap needs to melt and can then be gently scraped away. 

1) Rubbing alcohol onto the stain is also often recommended for this kind of stain

2) If you get sap on your fingers, just use nail polish remover to remove it

Please note that ABA Cleaning will not be held liable for any possible damage caused by the implementation of any of the above methods. For professional cleaning of carpet and upholstery stains, please contact our team direct.