Is indoor air activity from your carpets in the office making you sick?

As a final note on our Facebook page for December 2013, we encouraged our viewers to freshen up their offices and have the carpets & upholstery professionally cleaned to make the environment all the more friendly before welcoming staff back to work in 2014 with a fresh start. The EPA states that carpets “can act as a “sink” for chemical and biological pollutants including pesticides, dust mites, and fungi” which means it is vital that they are correctly and professionally cleaned regularlyDon’t let your staff only perform at half their capacity just because of your carpets!

Cleaning offices is more valuable to your staff than you think

It’s also important to note that newly laid carpets can also give rise to chemical emissions that can cause various ailments if the room is not well ventilated and if the carpets not rolled out and aired prior to installation. To read the full piece about newly laid carpet emissions and the ailments they can cause if not tended to, please go to our facebook page.