Behind The Inspiration

Back in the day after working at a holiday resort along the West Coast; I decided to move to Cape Town. Cape Town felt like a wondrous place for a fresh start and to really make something of myself.

I started small – even though I have always had a vision of one day owning my own business; I knew that I had to start somewhere. My first job in the windy city was as a driver for my friend’s carpet cleaning business.

I worked for about six months before I saw a space for opportunity in a niche market; the professional carpet cleaning industry had an enormous void within it, and I had something unique to offer.

Once I realized this opportunity, another close friend of mine provided the capital to start a small business endeavor; I jumped at the chance to bridge the gap within the carpet cleaning industry.

Together we organized cleaning systems, employed a cleaner and launched our business. ABA cleaning has been in business for over 27 years; starting in January 1992 – this just shows what a little bit of determination and foresight can do.

This little bit of inspiration that started 27 years ago is what drives me to provide an all-inclusive, high quality, reliable cleaning provision to commercial, corporate, industrial and residential clients. Our business philosophy revolves around diligent management of our services, delivering high quality and consistent performance all year round.

ABA Cleaning
General Manager

Raymond Harris

Written by:

Aquina D’Eramo
ABA Cleaning
Marketing Manager